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Return flights to your destination
3.5+ TripAdvisor rated hotels
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Sync trips with other subscribers
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Bringing Friends.

BRB is great for solo travellers (who wants to share?), but travel is even better with friends, that's why we made getting away in groups easier than ever.

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With an active BRB subscription you join a friends trip using their TripCode. If they've selected a date before your next eligible trip date, you can make a catchup payment to stay in sync with them.

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Cancel anytime.

While BRB has been set up to enable you to take 3 trips a year, we understand that might not be to everybody's taste.

With BRB you can always Pause or Cancel your subscription whenever you need to. If you haven't got any travel booked with us cancellations and pausing are effective immediately, for those who have a trip booked the subscription will end as soon as your trip has been paid for.


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3 trips a year


Including flights & hotel
  • 3 day / 2 night breaks
  • Flights to and from your destination
  • 3* + Accommodation
  • Choose your dates
  • Additional friends can join and pay separately
  • Works out at £199 per trip
  • Get your money back on unused trips