You Can Now Staycation with BRB Travel

BRB's head of operations Sam explains what led us to launching 'Staycations' and tells you everything about how to book your next Staycation break with BRB.

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You spoke. We listened. BRB's head of operations Sam explains what led us to launching 'Staycations' and tells you everything about how to book your next Staycation break with BRB.

I think we can all agree that this has been a pretty tough year and it might have left you feeling like you need a holiday more than ever.

You Spoke. We Listened.

Unfortunately, lockdowns, travel restrictions, and personal safety have meant that for a lot of you the getaway trip you deserve has not been possible. Here at BRB we think that is simply not good enough, so we’ve been working hard to develop a remedy that hits the spot – introducing The Staycation!

Back in July we sent out a survey to our customers to gather some information about how COVID-19 had affected your travel plans and to ask how you were feeling about going on holiday with the world in its current state.

We were grateful for the amazing response you gave us, and it has helped us tailor our services to suit you. Whilst we liked you getting in touch, we didn’t like hearing that over three quarters of you had to cancel your holiday plans.

staycation-survey-brb-cancelled -travel-plans-covid-19

Source: BRB Travel Survey - July 2020

By the time U.K. lockdown measures were relaxed, we weren’t surprised that many of you were itching to get away. However, that eagerness to escape your local confines wasn’t unchecked and two thirds of you expressed apprehension when we asked about traveling to the continent.


Source: BRB Travel Survey - July 2020

Introducing Staycations

We feel your pain here at BRB. With the heightened safety risks of getting on a plane and the worry of being stung with a surprise 2-week quarantine after returning from abroad, COVID-19 is taking all the relaxation out of going on holiday overseas.

To avoid all that stress, we thought why not seize this opportunity to explore our very own fair and pleasant land!

In July we ‘soft launched’ Staycations and sent some of our BRB trailblazers to investigate if holi(stays) were up to the mark! The feedback was great and since a lot of you have been in touch asking to try one of these trips out we thought, let’s make it official! We have launched Staycations as a trip type that is now available in your account.


So far, we have sent BRBers to the historic city of Bath, to Scotland’s charming capital of Edinburgh, and to our very own iconic London. For those of you who may prefer a country retreat, we scouted out an idyllic spot on the shores of a Welsh lake surrounded by gorgeous mountains. What’s not to love!

Here are some of the main benefits of staying domestic:

Experience local culture: A staycation gives you time to really appreciate what Great Britain has to offer. Try our local foods, explore some regional customs, and appreciate the beauty of your backyard.

Avoid foreign travel restrictions: Holiday with no fear of the no-fly list! Staycations mean you can always get away even when restrictions are placed on visiting our European neighbours.

Trains instead of planes: Save yourself time by avoiding check-in queues and travel happy knowing your journey is more eco-friendly. How to Book Your Staycation

How Can You Book A Staycation?

Follow these simple steps to get on your way to the weekend retreat you deserve.

Step 1: Log into your BRB account and click ‘create a new trip’.

Step 2: Select your staycation dates - make sure that the start date is the day you want to depart.

Step 3: Choose ‘Staycation’ when asked what trip type you are looking for.

Step 4: The Travel experts at BRB will get in touch with you over email. All you have to do is resist the temptation to feverishly hit the refresh button until they do!

Step 5: When you receive the email from BRB, reply letting us know:

• What your staycation preference is – city break or country escape. • How long a journey you are willing to make. • Whether you would like us to organise travel for you or if you would prefer to make your own way there and drive. (If you opt to drive, we will plough the whole budget into scoring you that perfect hotel)

Step 6: It’s time for the BRB team to work their magic so you can get on with your life free of any holiday-planning stress. About a month before your departure date, expect a postcard to drop into your letterbox revealing your mystery destination!

We are really excited to offer you the opportunity to getaway at this troubling time and to help you explore the beautiful British countryside and its culture rich cities.

So what are you waiting for - bring your BRB experience a bit closer to home and create a staycation trip now!

Love Travelling...Hate Trawling Travel Sites?

If like me you love taking short weekend breaks across Europe and spending 48 hours in cities like Prague, Porto, Split, Bologna, Stockholm or Venice, but if like me you hate wasting hours trawling travel sites to plan and research your next weekend break, only to be hit by increased flight prices just before booking, then BeRightBack is for you!

The team at BeRightBack believes that the mission of a travel company should be to save you both time and money.

With BeRightBack, you get three trips a year to three surprise European destinations, all for the monthly cost of £49.99, which includes your return flights and your hotel.

With BeRightBack, creating a trip takes 60 seconds. Simply tell us how you like to travel when you create your account, and our concierge service does everything else for you. You won't have to lift a finger.

Best of all, you always pay the same price for your trips, no matter when you go away and we help you spread the cost of your travel, thanks to our monthly subscription.

Simply go to our how it works page to find out more about BRB or sign-up to the service now!

I hope you're as excited as we are that Staycation isnow a trip type on BRB! Do not hesitate to use our website chat or to email us if you have any questions!

Sam (Head of Operations at BeRightBack)

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