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BRB's Founder Greg, shares how to spend 48 hours in Warsaw.

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After our travel expert Ellis, shared with you his top tips on how to spend 48 hours in Milan, our Founder Greg travels to Warsaw to explore the city and share with you how to spend 48 memorable hours in Warsaw?

A Journey to Poland's Capital...A City That Vibrates With History!

You know we love a capital city at BeRightBack, and today’s 48 hour city guide is no different. I am embracing the majesty of Warsaw today, and encouraging you to embark on this journey with me.

I say journey; I mean, does a two and a half hour plane journey really constitute a journey? I’ve been in supermarket queues longer than that. It’s practically down the street, so why not add Warsaw to your bucket list and enjoy a three day weekend break in Poland’s capital? Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

The largest city in Poland and standing on the Vistula river, Warsaw’s very essence and structure vibrates with history, people, culture and even more history. The city was subjected to devastating invasions, sieges and attacks during the Second World War, leaving 85% of buildings in ruin. It suffered extensively, so much so that it gained a new title of Phoenix City due to its total reconstruction following the war.

Although paying tribute to its tragic history, the city has not suffered as a result. Warsaw boasts a number of accolades, having been named the 32nd most liveable city in the world, 4th in the “Business Friendly” and 8th in “Human Capital and lifestyle.”

As always at BRB, we travel to experience each destination of your bucket list and save you the trouble of map reading and trawling through pages of boring travel sites and customer reviews. I have curated a state of the art guide on how to properly, efficiently and effectively spend your short 48 hours in Warsaw. Check it out.

Puro Warszawa Centrum, Warsaw

After a two and a half hour flight from London Luton, I arrive in Warsaw mid-morning on Friday and take a taxi to get to my hotel still in time for breakfast. Alternatively, the journey from the airport to the hotel takes 30 minutes by bus and the ticket is priced at around £1.

Centrally located at just a few minutes walk from the Palace of Culture and Sience as well as the Old Town, Puro Warszawa Centrum is the perfect place to be. Beautifully designed to showcast the local artists, each room has its own individual curation of modern visual art.


puro 1

You can relax at the end of a long day at the hotel's rooftop bar where you can enjoy a traditional Polish drink and the amazing view.


With a 4.5/5 average rating, Puro Warszawa Centrum is due to be an amazing experience!

Day One


Now it wouldn’t be a BeRightBack 48 hour city guide if the first place on the list wasn’t an Old Town. So you guessed it. To begin your Warsaw adventure, head to the historical Old Town, filled with cobblestone streets, alleyways and medieval buildings, making it one of the most picturesque parts of the city.

malinowa_mambawarsaw Photo Credit: @malinowa_mamba

It was built from the 12th to the 13th century, and is surrounded by fortification walls erected to defend the city. Whilst there, take your time strolling around the Market Square, which once played host to political speeches as well as public executions, is now the epicentre of the hustle and bustle of the town.

As well as a vast offering of restaurants, bars, shops and galleries, make sure to check out Sigismund’s Column, which commemorates the Polish King who moved Poland’s capital from Krakow to Warsaw.

szewocomwarsaw Photo Credit: @szewocom

There’s also the Royal Castle, formerly a Royal residence but now hosts a museum and gallery that is open to the public.

In the late twentieth century, the Old Town became a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its "outstanding example of a near-total reconstruction of a span of history covering the 13th to the 20th century. It truly is the historical heart of the city.

go2warsaw Photo Credit: @go2warsaw

Round off your morning with a well deserved breakfast at Aioli, a popular restaurant that serves the most delectable brunches. Enjoy some shashuka, bacon, eggs, freshly made bread, and craft the perfect breakfast dish that your heart desires.

foodies.spacewarsaw Photo Credit:


Continuing the theme of absorbing as much of Warsaw’s history in the space of 48 hours as possible, next on the itinerary is the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews. It features eight galleries that outline the history of Polish Jews from as early as The Jewish Town from 1648-1772, to their more recent history and the Holocaust from 1939-1945.

bywojtekwarsaw Photo Credit: @bywojtek

It is an incredibly detailed account on Jewish History in Poland, and creates an immersive experience for visitors to educate themselves. What’s more, is the profound impact of knowing that the museum is on the site of a former Warsaw Ghetto, which speaks volumes of the Jewish community’s tragic past.

In keeping with using your trip to educate, especially on the events of World War Two on the city, it’s time to see St. Anne’s Church which actually managed to survive the war mostly intact (which, considering the damage done is quite an impressive feat).

swiatpodlupaplwarsaw Photo Credit: @swiatpodlupapl

It has a viewing platform, so be sure to make your way to the top and take in panoramic views of the city.

manuelezunelliwarsaw Photo Credit: @manuelezunelli


Are you hungry? You look kind of hungry. Fear not, eager tourists, we have the perfect place for you to dine on your first night in Warsaw. A short distance from the POLIN Museum is U Kucharzy, a restaurant where you can sample dishes native to Poland.

The chefs also dismiss the confines of a conventional kitchen, and instead prepare your meals on platforms at your tableside for you to watch their mastery in awe. Absolute must-try dishes include pierogi (dumplings), barszcz (deep red coloured soup) or kotlet schabowy (breaded pork).

tomala_fwarsaw Photo Credit: @tomala_f

In true Polish style, make sure to wash down your dinner with a shot of Polish vodka to cleanse the palette and begin your night in Warsaw properly.


After dinner, it’s time to properly begin your nightly adventures and head to Place Zbawiciela, the iconic hangout spot in the city centre. Take a seat at the hugely popular ‘Charlotte’ cafe by day, bar by night and indulge in some French champagne.

elemilwarsaw Photo Credit: @elemil

For those of you who prefer keg-based tipples, grab a pint at ‘Plan B’, a lively, welcoming pub just next door.

Make the most of these reasonably priced, vibrant venues to wind down after your hectic first day, meet new people and sample some well-deserved drinks.

Day Two


We want you to know that, at BeRightBack, we try our hardest not to be cruel or strict. We know you had a late night last night (we know this because it was our fault you ended up at bars and pubs), and we know you may be feeling fragile. So, out of the goodness of our hearts, we’re starting day two off peacefully in Łazienki Park (a morning coffee and paracetamol are advised).

jaroslaw_marciukwarsaw Photo Credit: @jaroslaw_marciuk

It is a must-see location in Warsaw for its beautiful gardens, statues, classical amphitheater, Orangeries, Temples and most notably, the Palace on the Isle, an unmissable building that majestically sits next to the water.

That’s just to name a few of the structures found in the park. It is the largest park in Warsaw and is a tranquil, scenic place to enjoy in the early morning. It is a hugely popular destination for tourists to visit, and serves as a venue for music, the arts and culture.

If your stomach is ready, it’s breakfast time, so set off on a fifteen minute walk to Weranda Bistro for some wholesome food and their divine smoothies (we recommend the raspberry and espresso flavour - trust me, it’s great).

werandabistrowarsaw Photo Credit: @werandabistro


It wouldn’t be an afternoon in Warsaw without a museum trip. On the list for today is the Neon Museum, an institution that houses, and protects, the neon signage of the 1960s and 70s. They are culturally significant to Poland and represented the booming economy and relaxed society that characterised post-war Poland. In the post-communist years, these signs were simply discarded in skips, but were saved and preserved in the museum as their cultural significance was recognised.

natag_kaminska_missgaijin Photo Credit: @natagkaminskamissgaijin

The neon museum is located in the notoriously edgy and alternative Praga neighborhood, so once you’ve had your fix of these vibrant signs, take some time to explore the right-hand side of the river

jaroslaw_marciuk2 Photo Credit: @jaroslaw_marciuk


There has been a distinctive lack of shopping on this trip, and I believe it’s crucial to experience different city’s shopping districts to see how the locals do it. In Warsaw, the place to go is Nowy Swiat street, not only for its boutiques and luxury retailers, but also the history behind it. It is the main historic thoroughfare of Warsaw and comprises part of the Royal Route - not a bad place to use up your spending money I’d say.

dtuniewicz Photo Credit: @dtuniewicz

Make sure to save a few pennies though, because it’s dinner time at Bar Bambino, considered to be an upmarket take on classic milk bars. These bars were rife during the communist era, and provided government subsidised food at a low cost. Now, these bars have become a popular destination for tourists to experience traditional Polish cuisine.

eileenaldiswarsaw Photo Credit: @eileenaldis

Bar Bambino combines the history of these milk bars with a more upmarket aesthetic and guarantees delicious, authentically Polish food.


A stark contrast to the late night before, we recommend saying adieu to Warsaw by taking a stroll along the Vistula river, on which the city stands. It is the longest and largest river in Poland, and is the perfect place for a relaxing walk to take in the city and reflect on your trip - particularly in the moonlight.

rejsypowislewarsaw Photo Credit: @rejsypowisle

On the left bank of the river, there is often entertainment performances and cultural events occurring, so keep an eye out whilst there, but most importantly, enjoy the tranquil views of the river at night.

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I hope you enjoyed my 48 hours city guide to Warsaw and do not hesitate to use our website chat or to email us if you have any questions!

Greg (Founder at BeRightBack)

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