The trendiest places to eat in Stockholm, Sweden

With insight from a Stockholm local, you have to visit these spots.

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Hands down one of the trendiest city’s in Europe, Stockholm, Sweden simply oozes cool. From its minimalist fashion to rustic interior design, this is a destination known for setting cultural trends. But, due to a certain famous furniture store, which we will choose not to name (it rhymes with tortilla), the reputation of its food scene among non-locals usually doesn’t go beyond a basic meatball. In reality, there is SO much more on offer. With insight from a Stockholm local, we have curated a list of the trendiest places to eat and drink in this stylish city.

Cafe Pom & Flora:

Embedded content: If there is any such thing as an ‘influencer heaven’ this is it. Serving breakfast throughout the day, Cafe Pom & Flora is THE place for Insta-worthy dishes that don’t just look good but they taste and do good too. From avocado toast to acai bowls and healthy banana splits, this bright and airy eatery is an ideal spot for vegetarians, vegans and pretty much anyone who can’t say no to brunch (so, everyone). Due to its super popular social media status, be sure to arrive before your hunger pangs kick in as there is almost always a queue to get in.


Embedded content: Home to Stockholm’s creative crowd, Riche is a restaurant with a reputation for being the place to see and be seen. With a sleek interior adorned with chandeliers and the kind of art that makes you say ‘hmm, interesting...’ this is the ultimate opportunity to wine and dine amongst the city’s most stylish residents. Alongside an extensive wine list (we recommend tasting a local bottle), Riche also serves a meatball dish that will put any rhymes-with-tortilla meal to shame. Dinner for two here will set you back a few more Krona than other spots in town, but if you’re looking for somewhere that truly oozes Stockholm chic, this is it.

Fabrique Stenugnsbageri:

Embedded content: Kanelbulle is the Swedish word for a cinnamon roll and is an absolute must-try for anyone visiting this city. Every Stockholm local will have their own go-to spot for these sweet, buttery rolls of goodness, but we can promise you that Fabrique Stenugnsbageri is the most loved bakery in town. The classic order here is a kanelbulle and coffee which is best enjoyed while watching the cafe’s bakers openly knead and shape the dough and is always served with a side of warm Swedish hospitality. We dare you to taste one and resist ordering another.

Punk Royale:

Embedded content: Punk Royale brings together fine-dining and an IDGAF attitude to offer one of the most unique experiences in Stockholm, if not in Europe. Here you’ll find an eccentric range of dishes including oysters in a cardboard box and steak tartare with Jenga (yes, Jenga) which are all served in a dark, smoke-filled room with blaring music designed to provide the ultimate sensory-overload. There is no menu here, so you basically get whatever the chef decides to serve you, but trust us, it will be unlike anything you have tried before.


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