The top 5 European cities to visit in spring

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May is a great time to travel. You have the choice of two bank holidays and the weather's milder than the searing hot days of summer. Plus, you avoid the storm of June/July holiday goers. Here's a short list of a few good places we recommend you visit this May.

Split, Croatia:

spencer-davis-1533628-unsplash With average temperatures reaching a high of 22 degrees and a low of 15, Split is delightfully mild. Dubrovnik is, of course, a better-known city but Split is much more historical and has some impressive sights, such as the Diocletian Palace. Split is also the main travel hub for the deep blue waters of the Croatian coast if you were looking to top your tan.

Seville, Spain:

henrique-ferreira-436512-unsplash More than just oranges and flamenco, the end of spring is a ripe time to visit the Andalucian capital. Walk along the banks of the River Guadalquivir or take in the grandeur of the oldest royal palace in daily use today, the Alcazar. For you foodies, eat your way around the Jewish quarter of Barrio Santa Cruz for the best tapas around and dance the days away in Sevilla's famous nightlife.

Amsterdam, Netherlands:

javier-m-80140-unsplash Filled with a myriad of canals and stunning local architecture, Amsterdam is an ideal place to visit during May. Grab a cycle and take in the city’s world-class museums. Amsterdam also has a buzzing food scene, take a gander down to the Foodhallen, for a range of food stands all under the shelter of a roof!

Paris, France:

grillot-edouard-674107-unsplash (1) Yes, we know it's obvious. Paris in the spring is a perfect time to create your own Woody Allen-esque love story. Enjoy the weather in the Tuileries or pull up a chair in a cafe and watch the world go by. If pastry is your thing, head up to Pain Pain for a deliciously fresh and flakey croissant with a fresh glass of orange juice. Bliss.

Krakow, Poland:

ostap-senyuk-261522-unsplash (1) A bit of an outlier from the rest but if you’re looking to let off some serious steam this spring, fly out to Krakow. May is just before the peak season for the city so you won't be held ransom to the crowds. Krakow has an emerging party scene, with revellers coming down to make use of the cities wallet-friendly happy hour. Krakow is a touch far out from other neighbouring cities so its best if you fly directly into the city rather than grabbing a train.

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