The best birthday gifts for travellers

Ditch the passport holders - try these alternatives.

2 min read

Trying to think of a birthday gift for a friend, lover, family member or even you is always challenging. Suddenly you can’t remember anything the person likes and the options are endless. If this person happens to be a frequent traveller - here’s a list of gift ideas that they will have them thanking you forever!

The gift of life, water:

Finding clean water sources while travelling is actually an issue for so many people. So, if you want to make sure your friend is always hydrated, a filtered water bottle is a perfect birthday gift that you know they will use every day while travelling.

Facial products:

Post-travel tired and puffy faces aren’t uncommon, but, it’s just the small price a frequent traveller will have to pay when travelling. You can be the hero that saves the day by getting a loved one some face products (travel size of course!). This way they can use your gift while flying and stay moisturised and glowy. There are many products and masks in the market solely made to help with in-flight and post-travel skin problems. Embedded content:

Travel cubes:

Most people hate packing, and what makes packing a nightmare is not knowing how to organize your essentials. Luggage cubes help make the packing experience less stressful and will also help save loads of space in your bag. Added plus, they make your items easier to find when you’re ready to unpack.

A travel pillow that will literally save their necks:

This ingenious travel pillow is scientifically proven to keep your head in a better position while sleeping in the uncomfortable upright position in the plane seats. After waking up from a long flight and feeling like their necks are frozen, they will really appreciate this gift. giphy (9)

A BRB gift card:

What better birthday present to give your traveller buddy than a holiday? We offer a wonderful travel gift card that you can share with your loved ones that allows them 1, 2 or 3 weekend trips in Europe. They can choose when they want to go and what type of experience they fancy having. Purchase here.