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July 2021

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We're excited!

Whilst the last 12 months have been incredibly difficult for everyone, we have listened to your feedback and worked incredibly hard to build a new website and more importantly a completely new product centred around you.

We'll be adding the final touches to the site over the next 2 months and aim to release an exciting new BRB in early July 2021. So what can you expect?

A New Subscription Model


A lot of you asked for more flexibility when it comes to their subscription, from saving for more than 6 nights away per year to travelling with more people.

This is why BRB will become more flexible than ever before giving you the ability to truly tailor your subscription to your personal needs. This includes:

  • Travelling up to 14 nights per year
  • The ability to take longer breaks (2-14 nights)
  • Subscription for up to 4 people

For existing customers, your subscription will automatically be converted to a 6-night per year membership, but you will be able to update your plan to add nights or travellers as soon as we go live should you wish to.

New Dashboard: Track Your Savings


We have created a new and exciting dashboard that will allow you, amongst other things, to track your savings or how much of your BRB funds have already been used. Your dashboard will show:

  • Saved: Total money paid via your BRB subscription
  • Used: Total money used for travel
  • Available: Available balance you can use to travel

For existing customers, your account balance will be calculated automatically based on your historical payments and trips. You will be able to see your available balance by logging in to your BRB account as soon as we go live.

Longer Breaks & Shorter Booking Window


Longer Breaks

Some of you asked for more flexibility when it comes to the length of BRB trips rather than being limited to three two-night breaks each year.

This is why you will be able to use your BRB savings to create trips that match your needs - from short 2-night breaks to 2-week long holidays, and anything in between!

Back-to-Back Breaks

After trialling back-to-back city breaks with a few of our most loyal customers in 2020, we decided to make this a new feature of BRB.

When our new product goes live, any trip created that is equal or greater than 4-nights will give you the option to spend it in a single or two separate cities.

Should you pick two cities in one break, we will book all your flights and hotels, including the flight going from City A to City B.

This new feature is an exciting way to see more of Europe in a single trip.

Shorter Booking Window

We've also reduced our booking window from 4 months to 6 weeks, so you'll be able to book trips at much shorter notice.

But we're not stopping there!

Weekly BRB Drop


Surprise travel will still remain at the core of what we do. However for those of you who don't like surprises and want to have a little more control, we are excited to announce the launch of our weekly 'BRB Drops'.

Each week, new trips which have been selected based on your personal travel preferences will drop into your BRB account.

You will be able to book these trips in a single click by using your BRB savings. Not enough on your BRB account? No problem, you'll be able to top-up your savings easily in less than 30 seconds.

My BRB Rewards


Finally, it was important for us to reward you for travelling with BRB.

This is why we are excited to announce the launch of a unique loyalty program called My BRB Rewards.

Better than a loyalty program that simply rewards you for travelling with us, the 'My BRB Rewards' program will reward you for every everything you do on the platform - from completing your profile or creating a trip, to sharing a reveal selfie with your postcard or simply making your monthly subscription payments.

You will be able to track your points on your dashboard and use them to book amazing rewards on your next trip.

BRB: Your Travel, Sorted.

At BRB, we’re here to of organising a trip. The faff. The planning. The fifth Google search to make sure it’s a good deal. That facepalm moment when you realise the price has gone up.

Before you know it, it’s taken ten hours to sort out your ‘quick’ city break away. Getting away shouldn’t be so hard. Why don’t you let us sort it for you?

We’ll find you premium hotels and flights for less than even your most savvy friends could, and we don't make you pay for the privilege.

We do this through our innovative subscription-based model, which puts you, our travellers, at the centre of what we do.

We send you to places on your bucket list, as well as up-and-coming destinations we've tried, tested and reckon you'd like. You know, those off-the-beaten track gems for extra bragging rights.

All we need is two minutes of your time to tell us what you like and when you can go away. We simply use this data to create trips that match your personal preferences. Personalised trips that are as individual as you are.

It's travel as you like it. We just sort it.

Trust us, loads of other people do (4.6* on Trustpilot).

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