Instagrammable spots in Paris (that aren't the Eiffel Tower)

Picturesque sights around Paris.

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With the tragedy of Notre Dame, Paris lost an irreplaceable piece of its magic. Fortunately, the city still has many wonders to offer and will no doubt remain as one most photogenic destinations in Europe. A trip to this beautiful city simply has to be commemorated with at least one pic for the ‘gram. But, let’s be honest, The Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Grand Palais are a little bit overdone. Here, we share some alternative spots to feature on your feed - its time to get that beret ready.

Rue Crémieux

Embedded content: This brightly painted residential road is essentially the Paris similar to London’s Notting Hill. Each house here has been painted in a different shade of technicolour making a scene way too pretty not to photograph. If you are in visiting the city on the weekend, be prepared to wait a while until a photo spot becomes available as this is becoming an increasingly popular spot for other visitors with a similar idea. But be cautious as while most are happy for their homes to serve as a backdrop, some residents have posted signs explicitly requesting that theirs do not.

Le Printemps Hausmann

Embedded content: Okay, so technically you can see the Eiffel tower from here, but the best thing about this spot is that it also shows that there is also so much more to the city. By heading up to the rooftop cafe of the Printemps Haussman department store you’ll discover a view that offers a panoramic view of the beautiful Montmartre area. From here you can appreciate the stunning details of the city’s architecture, but do note that this once secret spot is becoming increasingly popular. We recommend arriving just as the cafe opens around breakfast time, which is also an excuse to indulge in a cheeky croissant and café au lait.

Jardin des Tuileries

Embedded content: Found between the Louvre and the Place de la Concorde, Jardin des Tuileries is one of the most beautiful parks in Paris. Originally created in 1564, it was once home to a royal and imperial palace. Today, its extravagant pathways bordered by towering trees make the perfect makeshift runway and the best thing about this place is that it looks beautiful all year round. Spring and Summer bring lush greenery, strong Narnia vibes are in full effect during the winter and in Autumn, maybe the prettiest season here, thick layers of vibrant orange and red leaves drape every inch of it.

The City’s Metro Stations

Embedded content: In most cities, the signs outside of a train station function merely for directional purposes, usually look a little battered and are nothing worth sending a postcard home about. But in Paris, where even the most everyday things are crafted like a piece of art, the metro signs are an attraction in themselves. The most iconic of them is the Art Nouveau style green and yellow “MÉTROPOLITAIN” signposts. These hand painted signs make the perfect background for a photo that says ‘oui, je suis Parisien’ and you can find them outside of stations including Palais Royal and Châtelet.


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