How to take home screen worthy pictures on holiday

Spoiler: lighting is KEY.

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Did you really go on holiday if you didn't take some great pictures? (yes, but that's beside the point). To take great holiday photos, it’s all about aesthetics. It can be tricky to take photos when you have absolutely no ideas what you're doing - but fear not! We've got you covered on some tips for taking pictures whilst abroad.

Start with a plan:

Decide what sort of shots you'd like to capture, turn on your camera feature, and leave the rest to creativity. You'll probably miss a couple of shots but it's fine, you're on holiday. baiq-bilqis-0rZ2-QWtkwY-unsplash

Stay focused:

As in literally make sure your camera is focused. You can always go back later and blur backgrounds. If you have an iPhone 7 and up, the portrait mode is perfect for staying focused.

Attention to detail:

Think sunset, rustic old doors and blue skies on the beach. It's the little details that can create great photos and background photos for your home screen. trent-yarnell-urYhCGUHq2s-unsplash

Lighting is everything:

Every good photographer knows that good lighting is the key to the perfect shot. Whether you're inside, outside, shooting at night, or during the day, you’ll want to make sure you have the correct lighting. You don't have to fork out the big bucks and invest in a proper camera, the camera on your phone should be fine.

Use editing apps:

How many times do people really upload the raw picture? rarely. Head into your fave photo editor (we recommend Afterlight, Foodie or VSCO) and retouch where needs a little help. Play around with the brightness, sharpness, and more.

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