How to make the most of a short stay

More stops, more sights.

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Short stay trips or quick stops are becoming increasingly popular. Rather than whittling your time away in a stodgy uncomfortable airport seat, you can turn these quick stops into bitesize experiences. Here are a few tips to bear in mind when you’ve got a few hours to kill.


The phrase 2 birds one stone couldn't apply any better here. First of all, before you decide to venture past the walls of the airport, plan ahead. Check how long you have till your next flight and aim to be back at least 2 hours before boarding. Decide what it is you want to do and be mindful that you won't be able to do everything. Pick a sight, place or restaurant and work out how best to get there. Airports tend to have shuttle buses and trains which can be used to go to nearby sites. Have a look below for your short stay options.


Grab a train from Schipol Airport into Amsterdam Centraal, it takes about 25 minutes. Once there bask in all that this little European powerhouse has to offer, food, museums, canals take your fancy. Amsterdam is brimming with things to do and with great connections back and forth from the airport its unmissable. Our favourite thing to do is grabbing a portion of fries and walking around the canals, cheap and cheerful!



Airports around the world are now upping their game. If you’re all for getting the most out of a shirt trip, you can utilise the airport time for some much needed self-care. Recent times have seen Heathrow move into the self-care lounge market with the opening of its fitness and wellness centre. Basically you don't have to be a first class flyer to live like one.

Below are a few airports with amazing in-airport facilities.

Schipol Airport - Amsterdam:

Yep, Amsterdam made it onto the list twice. It's that good. Explore the sprawling grounds of the airport, with its range of restaurants and shops. Failing that, book yourself a day pass into one of KLM’s luxurious lounges. If that still doesn't take your fancy, then take a gander through the airports museum or library, if you want to hunker down with a bit of Dutch literature.

Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at 13.32.00

Munich International Airport - Munich, Germany:

Continually dubbed one of the best airports in Europe, it certainly lives up to the hype. Featuring a Fit and Fly Hilton Spa,you have the pick of over 150 shops, 50 eateries, a playground, and mini-golf course if you feeling like indulging your playful side.

munich mini golf

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