How to get an authentic Brussels chocolate experience

In any which way you can get it, chocolate has that pull.

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If you’re looking to elevate your taste buds to the next level, Brussels is your go-to. Belgian chocolate is the pinnacle, the creme de la creme (or choc de la creme?) you get the gist, it's mouth-wateringly good. So, if you’re ever taking a jaunt down to Brussels, head down to these gems and immerse yourself in a milky smooth authentic Belgian chocolate experience.

Maison Dandoy:

Embedded content: To the well-travelled, you’re probably screaming that Maison Dandoy is known for its biscuits and Belgium’s favourite, Speculoos. Don't let that stop you, make sure you head down and order some waffles with chocolate sauce. These aren't just the typical waffles that you order from that darkened, neon-heavy dessert parlour on the high street. Light, crisp and the rich chocolate sauce slathered on top makes this quite possibly the best waffle experience you will ever have (and be sure to grab a box of their biscuits too, they’re divine!).


Embedded content: The brainchild of Jean Neuhaus, who in their apothecary began to cover their medicines in chocolate in order to mask its rather unpleasant taste. Fast forward to 1912 and out of Neuhaus was born the praline. Praline chocolates are known the world over and one of the most popular forms of chocolate. If you want to grab a taste of a praline made precisely to the original recipe, be sure to put Neuhaus on the itinerary. You’ll be able to visit their original space which opened in 1857 in the Galeries Royale Saint-Hubert in central Brussels.

Frederic Blondeel:

Embedded content: Now if you’re venturing out to the continent during the colder months, you would be crazy not to go without getting a hot chocolate. And there are very few places that do it better than Frederic Blondeel. A true artisan in their work, a trip to their shop provides an awe for those intrigued by the bean to bar journey of chocolate.The brand has the added benefit of producing all their chocolate from their factory in Brussels.

Honourable mentions go to the famous yellow waffle cars dotted around the city, be sure to grab one for a real down to earth Belgian chocolate experience. As well as Mary, one of only four chocolatiers to be given the Belgian Royal Warrant. Cheeky tip when in Brussels, if you’re looking to save a few coins, be sure to pop in to each chocolate store and ask if you can grab a taste sample of a sweet you admire, do that in a few stores and you’ll have had your fill!


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