Five ways to make the most of your weekend break: the Stasher way

Here’s the BeRightBack / Stasher guide to making the most of every minute of your weekend break. From check in to check out, and every second in between!

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We reckon a great weekend break can change your life - but not if you spend the last quarter of it dragging your bag from street food festival to art gallery to day rave. Our friends at Stasher, the world's first luggage storage network, feel the same way. You don’t need much time away to explore somewhere awesome and get a fresh perspective on life, but you do need to spend that time wisely.

Make some plans

We’re not saying you need to micromanage your every move, but the best city breaks are all about that sweet spot between having a few things planned, and all-important wandering time. If you want to visit the Colosseum or the Eiffel Tower or another classic must-see, do a little research and work out the quietest time to visit in advance. Loads of landmarks offer queue jumper tickets if you buy online beforehand, so you’ll have even more time afterwards to get off the beaten track.

We’ve partnered with Stasher because they take care of the boring bits of city breaking, leaving you hands free and ready to see the sights. It only takes a couple of minutes to find a safe, convenient place to drop off your bag at a certified Stasher location, and they charge a flat rate for every 24 hours you store your stuff. So you can drop off and pick up your bags whenever (and wherever - they have 1000s of locations!) suits you.

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Get outside

When you’re hopping from cafe to art gallery to beer hall to nightclub, make sure you take time to smell the roses and get some fresh, foreign air. It’s great to pack your itinerary with loads of indoor destinations, but the best way to pick up the vibe of a city is by getting outside. Take a walk through the local park, explore a pedestrianised shopping district or wander alongside the river - even when the weather’s rubbish, you’ll appreciate the change of scene and the fresh air. Plus it all helps boost your step count - making that last cocktail of the night guilt-free!

Don't forget your down time

Whether you’re going away with a group, as one half of a couple, as one third of a thrupple, or even solo - it’s important to factor in a little ‘you’ time. Sure, when you’re only away for a weekend it won’t be loads of time, but it all counts. Taking time to do something just for yourself (maybe there’s a selfie you need somewhere special, or a boutique bookshop you want to explore) will help you have an even more memorable trip. And we’ve found it’s the best way to avoid arguments with your travel companions! While we’re on the subject of down time, may we take a minute to remind all the drinkers out there that it’s a good idea to get strategic with your hangovers during a weekend trip. Save them for the trip home, rather than your first day in a new city. Hangover plus FOMO isn’t a good look, especially when you’re new in town.

Avoid routine

Imagine the scene: you step out of your hotel on your first morning, and stumble on the most Insta-worthy cafe slash bakery. You live your best life there! This is definitely the place you’ll recommend to your friends when they decide to follow in your footsteps and book the same trip. Next morning rolls around, you leave your hotel for the last time and head back to the same spot. What a waste of an opportunity! Yes, you found the perfect brunch spot yesterday - but routine is boring, and on a weekend break you’ve no time to waste. You might not find somewhere as picture perfect, but you’ll have packed in more sights. Never go to the same place twice unless you can help it. Unless of course, you meet the love of your life there. In which case: go to them! Love wins!

Leave something for next time

The key to weekend breaking is knowing you’ll never have time to do everything - so prolong the fun, and bookmark the one thing you definitely want to do when you come back. That doesn’t mean the fun has to stop short on your last day, though! Thanks to Stasher, once you’ve checked out of your hotel the world is still your oyster. We recommend finding something unique to do on your way to the airport, or close to public transport, so you can stash your bags and see some final sights before you catch your flight. With thousands of destinations and a simple online booking system, Stasher is your ticket to making the most of your city break. Liberate yourself from your luggage, and enjoy every minute of your weekend!


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