Five tips for planning a group holiday

Mute your WhatsApp and put your Out Of Office on - the squad’s going on holiday!

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So you’re going on holiday with a group of your mates. Easier said than done. Everyone involved is going to have a different dream destination, a different tolerance for Aperol spritz and a different budget. Getting everyone to agree is going to be like herding cats - but in a good way. Exploring a new city with your favourite people is our idea of the Best Time Ever. You just need a few handy hints to get you through the admin nightmare, and onto the good stuff.

Surrender to the group chat

Yes, it’s going to be full of memes. All the useful info is going to get lost in an endless stream of bants. The best you can hope for is to save all the flight times and accommodation info as Starred Messages, and wade into the LOLs. If it’s stressing you out, mute the group chat and start an email chain to try and free yourself from your phone for five minutes. Or you could always call people (like some sort of psychopath).

Make a poll

If you’re getting stuck on the big decisions (like where to go, how to get there or where to stay) then create an online form and let everyone vote. This keeps things as fair as possible - as long as everyone’s honest!

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Don’t let money stuff get weird

Thanks to banking apps like Monzo, splitting bills has got so much easier in the last few years. You’ll probably find it easier for everyone to decide on flight times and book them individually, and then have one person in charge of the accommodation bill (which usually comes later, so you’ve got a bit more time to split the cost and pay your mate back before they’re all out of overdraft). Once you’re on holiday and everyone’s exchanged their cash for local currency, put together a kitty for your group wine / toilet paper / taxi fund.

All for one, one for all

Avoid admin nightmares and the kind of resentment that boils up after your eighth cocktail by making sure everybody contributes to the holiday. Get one mate looking into flights, another into accommodation, get someone researching restaurants and somebody else on car hire duty. You’ll have a much more chill time if you spread the workload. Equally, you don’t have to do everything together all the time on a group trip. Remember it’s your holiday, too - factor in some ‘me’ time and enjoy yourself!

Share those memories

Once you get back home, you’ll probably want to decompress for a few days before seeing the squad again. And then the reminiscing starts! It’s always worth checking before you tag friends in your holiday pics on social media (especially if swimwear is involved) and always credit your photographer - it’s just good Insta etiquette. We also recommend setting up a Google Drive so the whole gang can share photos and videos from the trip. We bet all those #tbt will have you planning your next trip pretty soon!


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