Customs you should know when visiting France

You should probably know these things in advance.

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France is a beautiful, culturally rich place, however, they do things a bit differently than other places in Europe. To avoid major culture shock it is worth learning more about their customs and traditions before travelling. So you can have the best french experience, we've compiled some tips to give you a bit of insight into French culture.

Make sure you withdraw cash

Many places in France only accept cash - especially local bakers where the minimum spend by card is 10 Euros. Let's be real, that's a lot of croissants to buy for yourself. Be prepared at all times and make sure to have the change to spare.

Learning French etiquette is key to a better experience

Always greet French people with ‘Bonjour’ (i.e. staff) when walking into bakeries, restaurants, bars, etc - the service will be 100% better. This is a habit that is part of French customs. If you don’t greet them they will think you’re rude. These are truly the magic words if you want to have a warm welcoming experience, after all, being polite will always give you nothing but kindness back.

Fish will stare at you

A random but still important to note tip is that the French will serve your fish with their eyes still intact at restaurants. This is not to scare people off as you might be thinking, but as their way of proving that the fish they are serving is fresh and of good quality.

Dress to impress

Men and women in France enjoy dressing up. It's said that the way you dress is a reflection of who you are. Our advice is you keep that in mind when packing up your bag before visiting.

Have you noticed any other important customs? We'd love to add them. Tweet us at @TravelBRB or Instagram @BRB.Travel


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