A locals guide to dining in Berlin

Recommended by Berlin locals, you have to try these restaurants.

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Berlin Restaurant

For a newcomer fresh in Germany, the conversation of local food in Berlin can be somewhat baffling. It’s presumed that Bavarian cuisine--food born of the southeast of Germany--is the same type of grub that you can expect on your visit. However, though you can, and should enjoy currywurst on a street corner or freshly cooked pork from a market, the best of Berlin’s dining options are more diverse than this.

Berlin is brimming with over 600,000 expats, and at least 30% of its population is foreign-born making it extremely international. So it’s not surprising that this has trickled down to the food options. For locals, when it comes to dinner plans, Asian restaurants, American diners or one of the various modern European places are on the menu. So in the spirit of doing as the locals do, here are some highlights for your taste buds to inspire heart eyes for your Berlin trip.

Hodori, Schöneberg

Embedded content: https://www.instagram.com/p/BIcdAwgALI7/ Korean Barbeque is such a great choice for dining abroad simply because of the way it is served, having your food cooked in front of you seems to never get old and really adds flavour to the occasion. The beauty of the unassuming appearance of Hodori is that it is more than a fun gimmick, the food is one of the best Korean BBQ spots in Berlin, and their platters will feed up to three people. For those that find it impossible to choose, a firm favourite is their chicken, beef, squid option.

The Butcher, Charlottenburg

Embedded content: https://www.instagram.com/p/BurbC6YlcMr/ A simple offering of burgers and meat and perhaps the fanciest bathroom you’ve ever seen. Here, diners will be delighted by how much they can be impressed by a simple burger or their infamous baby back ribs, and The Butchers wide selection of fancy cocktails. From the library inspired room to the diner-inspired room, this is a destination for more reasons than the food. Also, if you visit on the right day you may have the pleasure of live jazz.

Omoni, Prenzlauer Berg

Embedded content: https://www.instagram.com/p/BfjqXP9FOOg/ Warning! It is a little tricky to get reservations so go early or be prepared to wait. But this is for good reason. People continuously flock to this option is a testament to just how delicious it is. Diners can anticipate a strictly-sushi menu ranging from the usual nigiris and makis to sashimi and inside out rolls. It is the perfect setting for a low-key dinner that can be teamed with their house wine, or fresh ginger tea, depending on your mood.

W Pizza, Neukölln

Embedded content: https://www.instagram.com/p/BxXdpmtpBZG/ Visiting W Pizza is acknowledging the fact that you may never experience a ‘normal’ pizza the same way again, excluding Italy and New York from this claim, of course. The cooks who prepare the pizza are truly masters at what they do. Try the ‘weed dough’, which before you react, is just a tongue-in-cheek way to display their hemp bread option, but no less fun. This food choice is wonderfully located on a corner of the sought-out area of Neukölln, right in front of a canal, which is ideal for an after dinner stroll.

Transit, Mitte & Friedrichshain

Embedded content: https://www.instagram.com/p/BjEnLssBOSC/ The concept of Transit is simple: Asian tapas--a choice perfect for a group with different tastes. Though they do have main dishes, the best of what this place has to offer is the variety of small-sized portions: mini coconut-based curries, duck pancakes, steamed dumplings and more. One more good thing about Transit is that though it is a popular choice, there are two in Berlin, so you have another opportunity to go to another if one is booked up.

Honorable mentions

Embedded content: https://www.instagram.com/p/BwpjaBOHl_V/ To really sink your teeth into Berlin’s food options, you’ll need more than a few days, and if you do honorable mentions go to La Lucha, a fun modern Mexican restaurant close by to a river and local flea market in Kreuzberg. Umami, which is a delicious high-quality Vietnamese restaurant always brimming with locals, based in Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg, and lastly Li Myra a traditional independently-owned Italian restaurant with outstanding service, based in Schoneberg.


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