5 unusual things to do in Porto

Brewing with history, you need to visit these sights.

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This coastal city in Portugal is one to add to the list for all eager travellers. Brewing with history, the city is complimented by a beautiful waterfront and narrow buildings littered across its river hillsides. If you’re looking for an experience off the beaten track, look below at what Porto has to offer.

Lunch in a cat cafe:

For those of you who love cats, take in a spot of lunch at Porto dos Gatos, one of Europe’s very few cat cafes. Featuring a calm interior, its naturally filled with cat inspired design. Take a seat and enjoy the cafes 100% Vegan menu, with popular favourites such as the lasagna and brownies. https://www.facebook.com/OportoCatcafe/

Climb the Codeçal stairs:

Embedded content: https://www.instagram.com/p/BhyoY6Cnlcn/ If you feel like working up a bit of a sweat then we recommend climbing the Escadas do Codeçal, which basically translates into the Codeçal stairs. The stairs themselves are a whopping 270 metres long and once at the top it offers a completely different vantage point of the city. The stairs history is shrouded in mystery as their exact date of inception is unknown, during the medieval times however they connected the Santa Clara convent to the Fernandina Wall gate.

Paint tiles:

Portugal is known for its history with tiles and their intricate designs. If that tickles your fancy take in a class at Marissa Ferreiras workshop for painting azulejo tiles. You’ll get a brief history of tiles coupled with new painting techniques. The class lasts around 2 hours and is only €25 including tools and materials. Embedded content: https://www.instagram.com/p/ByDGfoEnVuL/

Take a cooking class:

If you have a love for Portuguese food, take in a class with the Portuguese Gastronomy Workshop. Led by Chef Nuno, he will invite you into the walls of his home to take you on a culinary journey. You’ll make Portuguese staples such as carne de porco à Alentejana - pork and clams, bacalhau à Gomes de Sá - codfish casserole, francesinha - a famous Porto sandwich amongst others.

The class itself is 3 hours long and costs €45 per person and it includes Port wine, appetizers, dessert and coffee or tea. Not bad for a home cooked meal!

Climb the Arch of the Arrabida Bridge:

Another one for those who are looking to stretch a few muscles. The Arrabida bridge is set over the Douro river and has a distinctive arch. The climb itself is said to take 30 minutes and once at the peak, you’ll be served Port wine in chocolate cups, a fine reward for your efforts! Sip away as you take in unrivalled views of the Douro River.

The climb costs €15 per person but you can grab a better deal if you come with a group of 5 or more with the price dropping to €13.


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