5 Road trips to take with your mates

Take the scenic route for a totally new travel experience. Beep beep!

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Picture this: you successfully navigate your way through the hectic baggage check-in, the endless queue at duty free and the two-mile sprint to Gate 591. You land at your destination and shuffle through the nightmare that is a post-Brexit passport control. Take a second to breathe here. You round up your mates, grab your new car keys and take back your freedom. You’re going on a road trip, baby! SHOTGUN!

Exploring Europe by car is one of the best ways to experience stunning scenery and hidden gems - all at your own pace, and soundtracked to your specially-made playlists. Get adventurous (once you’ve made sure your driving license paperwork is all up to date, and you’re insured) and hit the open road. Here are 7 of the best road trips across Europe - each one is handily accessible from the following BeRightBack destination cities.

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The Corniche roads of the French Riviera hug the mountain range that runs from Nice to Menton. The Grande Corniche road begins in Nice and reaches heights of 500 metres above the sea, for stunning views over the Mediterranean coast.


Another scenic seaside route, the Estoril Coast Drive guides roadtrippers along the breathtakingly pretty Portuguese coastline from Lisbon inwards to Sintra. Even if you’re just here for the natural scenery, the Quinta da Regaleira mansion in Sintra has to be seen to be believed - in all it’s gothic majesty.

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Take a little detour from Munich to enjoy the best of Bavaria on the German Alpine route. As you cross the country you’ll encounter the Bavarian Alps: home to fairytale castles, flower meadows and Alpine lakes as smooth as glass.


The Peloponnese coastline is just littered with history - you can’t move for ancient Greek ruins and fabulous temples. Begin your road trip in Athens, then hop islands via the regular ferries to the stunning ports of Poros, Hydra or Spetses. You’ll combine mountain scenery with secret beaches and some of the best food and wine Europe has to offer.


Central Sweden is packed with gentle hills, pretty rivers and totally unique cities full of effortlessly cool Scandi art, design and food. Technically you could drive from Malmö to Stockholm in about seven hours, but there’s no reason to rush on a road trip. Begin in Gothenburg, and take in the delightful cities of Karlstad, Västerås and Sigtuna for a true insight into Swedish culture before you finish up in Stockholm.

Has this road trip inspiration got you all revved up (sorry) for a new holiday? Explore our destinations here!


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