10 tips for your first solo adventure

It's going to be everything and more than you expected.

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Planning your first solo trip can be a bit daunting, but following these 10 tips can help ensure your first one (wo)man adventure is everything you hoped it would be.


Finding yourself alone and somewhere new can lead to a lot of thoughts of “wtf am I doing here?!?” But a ton of the stress that comes with solo travel is simply a result of overthinking. When the worry kicks in, focus your attention to all the positive aspects of taking on this fresh new challenge.

Learn the Local Lingo

Learning even the smallest of phrases can make a huge difference to your experience. In most countries, locals appreciate travellers who take the time to do so and it’s a great way to start interactions on a good note, which is vital when you ever need a helping hand.

Get to Know Your Surroundings

When you arrive in the area you are staying, take a walk around the block so you can get familiar with what’s around you and identify any easily notable landmarks. If you ever find yourself without a map, this will make getting back to basecamp a whole lot easier.

Keep Someone Updated

If you have a clear idea of where you’ll go and what you’ll do, share this itinerary with someone at home so that your movements are always traceable. If you have more of a go-with-the-flow vibe, simply send a text or email as you make a new plan or move onto a new destination.

Do Your Research

Take some time before you depart to brush up on need-to-know info about wherever it is you are heading to. Is there a dress code you need to respect? Are there local events to be aware of? Learning this stuff before you arrive will help to ensure a smooth experience once you touch down.

Pack Light

When travelling alone`, you’re responsible for navigation, communication, and jubilation. The last thing you need to add to that is two suitcases and a backpack. For smoother sailing, take the bare essentials. This way, you’ll have fewer things to juggle and will be less likely to draw any unwanted attention. arnel-hasanovic-Nl-SXO4FAHw-unsplash

Be Discrete with Your Valuables

Second to your safety, the most important things to remain aware of when alone and abroad are your passport, money and mobile phone. No one wants to be stuck in a foreign location with no money, ID or way of calling home. Find a discrete place to keep your valuables safe and out of sight. The closer to your body the better.

Meet Other Travellers

Serious stuff aside, solo travel is a great way to meet like-minded people who, like yourself, are up for an adventure. There are loads of apps out there specifically designed to make it easier for solo travellers to connect and make plans to discover their destination together.
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Be Open to Talk to Strangers

In most destinations, locals are excited to meet and share their culture with visitors. Don’t be afraid to start up a convo, even if there’s a bit of a language barrier. There are many ways to communicate, and doing so may lead you to uncover some lesser-known things to eat, do and see.

Have Fun!

The final and most important tip on this list is to never forget the initial motive for your trip. This is your opportunity to decide your own path, expand your world and create a trip to remember