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Live the jetset lifestyle with BRB.
Say hello to surprise travel.


3 Trips per year

Your subscription to BRB unlocks 3 trips a year to one of our 60+ destinations. You pick your dates, we book your flights there and back and accommodation while you're there.

You're in control

Build your BRB profle and select the dates you want to travel on, the destinations you want to visit and the airports you can fly from. So you always get to travel when and where you want.

Surprise travel

Our team of experts book your surprise trip and reveal your destination and hotel one month before travel. With a postcard delivered to your door and all the information for your trip in your account. Travel has never been more exciting!


Book 3 trips to Europe this year in less than 180 seconds.

how it works
how it works
BRB Travellers

1. Tell us about you.

Our travel experts tailor each trip to your needs, you tell us your preferences we sort out the rest.

  • What kind of trip do you want to go on?
  • Where do you want to go?
  • Where can you fly from?
  • Want an evening flight? No problem.
Build your profile
BRB Travellers

2. Create your next adventure in 60 seconds.

At BRB we don't believe in bad surprises.

We give you 100% control and you can create your first trip in less than 60 seconds by selecting your preferred travel dates, break type, flight times and by updating your bucket list of destinations so we’re always sure to be sending you somewehere you’ll love.

Start your next adventure
BRB Travellers

3. Find out where you're going one month before.

One month before your chosen departure date, our team will send you a postcard to your address that will reveal your destination and includes a personal note from us.

48 hours later, your trip details (your flight details, hotel etc) unlock in your BRB account.

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Our Promise

Get your money back

Any money in your BRB account not committed to a trip is refundable at any time. Like a savings account for travel.

Quality accommodation

You’ll stay in 3* + central accommodation. We’re picky about the hotels we choose and hand pick hotels with with at least a 3.5 rating on TripAdvisor.

A new destination every time

Our travel experts hand pick your trip, you have full control over your list of excluded destinations. We won’t send you to the same city twice, unless you want us to!


Your adventure
starts now.

  • 3 day / 2 night breaks
  • Flights to and from your destination
  • 3* and up accommodation
  • Choose your dates
  • Additional friends can join and pay separately
  • Get your money back on unused trips
Trustpilot verified reviews


Highly recommend

I loved the concept from the beginning, it forces you to take a break and pushes you outside your comfort zone.

Laila, London



Awesome - what an experience. I was flown out to Barcelona on Thursday afternoon, and stayed for 2 nights in a clean and well…

Ally, London


Love BRB!

BRB sent us to Amsterdam and we had the best ever time. Everything from start finish with this company is amazing.

Tanita, Bournemouth


Great weekend trip...

A great experience all round and I would highly recommend to people who love city breaks and are opening to going to new…

Andreas, Norwich


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do trips last?

    Trips last a total of three days, with two nights accommodation.

  • Can I bring a friend?

    Yes! With BRB we've made it easy to bring a friend, simply choose "Add a friend" and pay a one-off fee.

  • Do I get to choose my destination?

    Destinations with BRB are selected for you by our team of travel experts. The destination is revealed a month before you travel, so you have plenty of time to prepare.

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